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I help to validate ideas and increase MRR by applying strategic thinking and top design practices.

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Every aspect is covered with deep expertise

Unify user experience on each step of the AARRR funnel by intelligent product strategy, refining design system, style guides, and user flows. I’ll help you design and release successful products from the start.

Web & mobile product design

Scalable design systems

High-converting landings

Transactional/promo emails

Digital store assets

Ad creatives

Recent projects that users love


Product design
Mobile app

Among all diaries, this is the most comfortable to use and looks beautiful. This is the best combination of the notes, tasks, and goals...”

Robert, Logtime User


Product design

I’m super impressed with the UI, Vested’s was the best out of all of the competitor sites I’ve reviewed.”

Michael, Vested User


Mobile app redesign

This app is phenomenal. Exactly what I was looking for! So user friendly and straightforward. We are getting a new puppy and love that I can track important information...”

Angelaols, Dognote User
Product design
Webflow development

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Get 15 minutes session with design overview

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Process to an awesome

Landing page
Product design


As the first step, we need to identify the core business growth and success challenges to get the project's scope.


Includes a goal-setting session, market, and target audience research. Also, information architecture and project roadmap.

Content prototype

We need to come up with the site's content and structure based on research. No styling and layouts in this phase.


Creating wireframes of the pages with ideas for section layouts and more page structure details.


Defining the feel of the site by gathering references by categories: text styles, colors, layouts, geometry, and illustrations.

High-fidelity design

Combining all the previous steps creates a high-converting design that suits both user and business goals.


Webflow helps finalize the project with all details done the way it was designed. It’s fast, secure, and reliable.


Integrating analytics, creating tutorials explaining how to maintain the website (optimize SEO, update CMS).


As the first step, we need to identify the core business growth and success challenges to get the project's scope.


Includes a goal-setting session, market, and target audience analysis using the JTBD framework.

Design system

Creating a scalable and consistent style guide and component library drastically improves "Time to Market".

Design iteration

Coming up with user-flows/designs for specific features using components from the design system for rapid iteration.

Interactive prototype

As a result of design iteration, you’ll have a clickable prototype of the product in Figma, prepared for usability testing and handoff.


Adding a micro-interactions layer will help users navigate and make the interface more responsive.

Usability testing

The next step is to gather feedback from the team and, in some cases, from users using the interactive prototype.

Handoff and launch

Preparing specs and instructions for developers and providing support to launch the feature/product.

Benefits of the process beyond top notch design

Fast & transparent

Each process step has a roadmap
and defined result at the end.


The process allows for fast feedback collection and saves time on revisions.


Taking one thing at a time and being mindful of all the aspects.

Hey, I’m Max.

Product Designer & Webflow Developer based in Dubai, UAE. I've helped to launch and grow several startups and gained experience in empathic approach when designing. I'm passionate about growth in the product design field and believe that it makes a difference in the life of millions.

+ years of experience

% Top Rated designer by Upwork

What clients say

Adam Johannsson, CEO of Lightfoot

“Max is a very, very talanted designer with a strong sense of product managment for saas-based products. He has a very clear and effective approach to developing products with speed and resilience. He takes time to deeply undestand your needs and focus on the core value drivers. He takes a very collaborative approach so feedback can be obtained/provided frequently. If you are considering which designer to chose, chose Max.”

Chris Northon, CEO of Propel Commerce

Of the many UI / UX designers I've worked with on Upwork, Max has been the most talented and capable I've worked with so far. He designed the UI / UX for 3 of our apps, and his work was exactly what we were looking for. He always responded promptly to messages and was a pleasure to work with. I'll absolutely request his services again for any future apps we build.

Phil de Gruchy, Managing Director of Blue Llama

Max is a very professional freelancer who is dedicated to UX. He has really good ideas as to how things should bebuilt and created a website for our client that exactly what was required. Big thanks!

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